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UNIT 6593, 2010
UNIT started by manufacturing a set of materials in a unitary size1.This size was arrived at intuitively 
in relation to its ease of working within the human scale2 rather than by the use of other universal 
standards of measurement. Three found materials were selected, acrylic sheet, particleboard and copper
rods, chosen for their visual and constructive qualities. These materials appear to be pristine. A system
was devised to work these materials into three-dimensional objects.
UNIT exists in a space between object, artwork and furniture and tests the possibility of cohesion between
these different forms. The final sculptures take on either a pseudo functional appearance or something 
more akin to a traditional piece of sculpture; this dichotomy is a key element of the work.
1.The unitary size (285x285mm) was arrived at in relation to the ease of working. The single unit being a
favorable size for the hand, recently noted its closeness to the foot measurement.

2.The works all adhere to the unit and range from 1/4,1/2,1,2,3 units in scale.  

3.Colour is used both in the sculptures and drawings in an arbitrary manner as a counterpoint to the 
material and formal decisions made, but once a colour is used the next is selected in relation to that